Does Music Have a Future?

I often wonder about the future of music. I wonder where we are going, if we will see any new innovations in the various genres in the near future or if the innovation won’t happen for many years. I have spoken in an earlier post of a new Renaissance that I believe needs to occur […]

Learning Music: Notation vs. Oral Tradition

Every culture has a different approach to teaching music. In western nations, there (at least in many traditions) is an emphasis on learning music notation, in turn building sight-reading abilities (which for many performers is an essential attribute to have for auditions). In other parts of the world, such as India and West Africa, there […]

Do Music Purists Have a Point?

I suppose this post can be considered a follow-up in some way to my first post that proposed an integration of world music in western classical music education. Music purists (i.e. individuals who hold that after a certain point their selected genre went wrong) exist in all forms. There are western classical purists, jazz purists, […]