Does Music Have a Future?

I often wonder about the future of music. I wonder where we are going, if we will see any new innovations in the various genres in the near future or if the innovation won’t happen for many years. I have spoken in an earlier post of a new Renaissance that I believe needs to occur in the world of music (whether it is western classical, rock or the many other genres that exist). I think music is currently stagnant; this is not to say that there isn’t good music nowadays, but most of that music is a product of innovation of the past and people following those formulas of innovation.

Even if there is innovation, those people fronting the new art will inevitably be met with opposition from music critics and fans. It always takes some time for people to accept a new era within music, perhaps out of fear or perhaps out of arrogance.

Whatever the case, the innovators of the future are tasked with creating music that hasn’t been heard before, a seemingly daunting task as so much has been said already. Every genre of music in this world has had its virtuosi and geniuses, leaving some to wonder if there is anything new left to be said.

I firmly believe there is still more to be said, as the world will always possess great minds that see the world in a far deeper way than the rest of us. Perhaps the innovators of the future will be M.I.T. students that figure out new algorithms that can be used by composers to approach writing orchestral scores. Perhaps the innovators of the future will draw heavy influence on socio-political movements of the future that will influence public opinion much like the music of Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger did during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Perhaps the innovators of the future will be self-taught multi-instrumentalists who see the endless possibilities of music outside of the confines of the rules most musicians are taught through harmony and counterpoint.

Whatever the case is, for this Renaissance to occur, it is going to require individuals that are unafraid to suffer ridicule for flipping music on its head. It is going to require people willing to challenge every pre-conceived notion that may be held by music scholars and music critics. Most of all, it is going to require people that are passionate not only about music, but changing the very fabric of society and how music exists within it.

I believe that someday this Renaissance will occur, it may not be for one hundred years, it may not be for one thousand years, but I believe that one day it will happen. The music world, in turn the world itself, will be set on fire with passionate ideas of musical genius, affecting how everyone chooses to view this art in the future. One can only wait and see if the beginnings of this movement might happen in this generation.

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