Interview with Steven Fairweather of Gob

Hey guys. So the really awesome part of being a music writer is that I can get interviews with some awesome people. In this case, I have an interview with Steven Fairweather from Gob (one of my all-time favorite punk bands). I am excited and humbled to present this to you, so enjoy!


DK: So what has the band been up to these days?

SF: Writing and recording really, and aiming to hit the road again this year!

DK: You came on board with Gob in 2008, can you describe what that experience was like? Was it nerve-racking stepping into the position of bass for the group?

SF: Not really nerve racking. We had been friends for sometime, I had even gone on tours with them (not in a playing sense) but  just to come hang out, kinda “Entourage” style, so it was a smooth transition.

DK: So for those out there who may not know who Gob, what would you tell them about the band? Who are you guys in the mass expanse that music is artistically?

SF: Hmm, I’d tell them to go listen to some albums, watch some youtube videos. “who we are I feel changes with each album,. If you look back at where GOB started, it’s an ever changing thing.

DK: What would you say the process of songwriting is in the band? Is it jam-based, structured, or a bit of both?

SF: That always changes too. Over the years, and yes, can be both. A lot of the time Tom brings in ideas, and we work them out, see what sticks.

DK: How did you get into music, what was the point that you realized that this art was going to be your life?

SF: I kinda got into music as a kid watching movies and TV, theme songs always stuck in my head,and seeing Ferris Bueller sing the Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” made me go out and buy my first 45.  Later on just playing in little punk bands as a kid, I got bit by the bug then I guess.

DK: I’m total gear-head, so can you explain your bass rig setup for the fellow music nerds out there?

SF: It’s super simple man, I have an Ampeg SVT classic head, with a Ampeg 8 X 10, and I play Fenders, right now i have a 1961 custom shop Fender p bass.

DK: Who would you say has influenced you musically, or continues to influence you?

SF: Growing up it was everything from David Bowie to the Misfits. I still love them, but lately I’ve been liking the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,  Twin Shadow, and any old 60’s soul records

DK: What is it about life that makes you get up in the morning in what can be an often punishing world?

SF: Usually it’s the loud street I live above being in New York City   (laughs).

DK: With Gob being a Canadian punk band, would you say there is a particular difference to the scene in Canada compared to other countries like the U.S. etc.?

SF: We haven’t played in the States in some time, so that’s hard to say as of yet,..but we DO hope to be getting back there for shows with the new album

DK: What has been the best experience so far with the band?

SF: As cheesy as it is to say, it’s the shows. When there’s that energy from the crowd, nothing beats it.

DK: Any dream venues to play?

SF: Radio City Music Hall!

DK: So before we conclude, anything else you want to say about the band for the folks reading?

SF: I’d just like to thank you, for the time, and questions, and for everyone to check out our Facebook for all and every update with the band, and keep on rocking in the free world.

Gob can be found at


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