My Conversation with Terry Bozzio (part 1)


Hey guys, so as promised here is my conversation (in two parts, first one here, the next one in a new post directly following this one) with Terry Bozzio. I really did not know what to expect going into this interview, as I only knew Terry by his music, not on a personal level. The conversation, however, revealed him to be an intuitive and kind man, with great interest in who I was even though the conversation was really about him. As it was a Skype/mobile phone discussion that was live, the call has static in one portion (but Terry says interesting stuff in this part so I didn’t delete it). We talked about anything you can imagine involving music, and what makes the talk so special is Terry’s wealth of life experience which he shares in story form. He is a fascinating person to listen to, and I am humbled to say I know him. Terry, I look forward to many discussions in the future.


(click the link below, then another link…WP is weird…to access the interview)


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