Interview with electronic/rock artists KLOQ

(hey, I posted these dudes sometime ago on Mixolydian. Here is an interview I did with them. Cheers-Derek) Derek Kortepeter: How did the band start? Oz:The band started as a studio project by myself, it was more of an electronic/dance project but over the years I started writing tracks that were more geared towards vocals […]

Another interview with Finnish rockers Face of God

  (Hey everyone, remember many moons ago my interview with Leo Stillman, lead singer for Face of God? If not see here… Now I present to you an interview with the entire band. They discuss lineup changes, their new album, and much more. Have fun.-Derek) Derek Kortepeter: So last time I spoke to you guys […]

Interview with The Brink

  (Hey everyone. Here is an interview with a rock band that I featured on Mixolydian recently. They have a great sound and a clear direction of who they are as a group-Derek). Derek Kortepeter: You guys are clearly influenced a lot by bands (80’s metal and 70’s arena rock) that I grew up building […]