Another interview with Finnish rockers Face of God



(Hey everyone, remember many moons ago my interview with Leo Stillman, lead singer for Face of God?

If not see here…

Now I present to you an interview with the entire band. They discuss lineup changes, their new album, and much more. Have fun.-Derek)

Derek Kortepeter: So last time I spoke to you guys you were about to open for H.I.M., how
did that concert go?

Leo: It went really well. Awesome crowd and it was huge honor for us. A dream come true!

D.K.: You have been touring quite a bit, how has the reception been to your
music in the different countries you have played in?

Leo : It works pretty well, but we haven’t toured that much yet, so it’s
hard to tell. But it seems that we’ve done something right. We played in
Germany and in England last spring and now we are in England again playing
six shows. Next year we’re trying to visit more countries! Last Wednesday
we headlined at Notting Hill Arts Club in London and the house was full.
The crowd was amazing, one of the best ones we’ve ever had!


(picture credits Nadi Hammouda,

Writer note, the performance was recorded. See here

D.K.: The band is releasing a debut album soon, what details can you give
about it?

Benjamin :. The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Aki Sihvonen at
legendary Finnvox studios.  Aki and Finnvox was the perfect method to
achieve raw and authentic rock sound. In the end that’s what FoG is all
about, rock. The songs are pretty much all new and they have more straight
forward approach than before. To summary, we could say that the album is a
salutation to old school rock sound with really catchy pop melodies and the
drive of three really energetic lads.

D.K.: Are you noticing any musical changes in your style or approach to
writing? How are you growing as musicians?

Benjamin : We have learned to give more space for songs and focus on the
essential. The song structures are a much clearer cut than before, which
brings out the strong melodies. We have also learned to hold back with our
playing when it’s needed, and when there is room to expand, we are able to
explode with full of the energy and big melodies.

Leo : As I writer I’ve learned to listen to myself more and more and I’ve
learned to give more time for myself. I love writing songs, and that keeps me
going. I asked advice from Ville Valo (lead singer of H.I.M.) and he said : ” What do you want to do
with your life? If music is what you want, then write good songs, it’s all
about good songs ”. Sounds easy, but it’s much more. You just have to go really deep into your mind and into your heart and soul and see what happens.

If you try to write a good song it never works. It might work for some
people, but for me, it has to come naturally. When you have the skeleton of
the song, then you have to start to work with it. But it needs to have
soul, and that’s the most important thing. Song is good if it has soul.
Like a person.

D.K.: So is where you are at career-wise what you expected?  Or is everything
that has occurred all kind of new and unexpected?

Leo : Well, it’s everything about what you want. We are still taking our
baby steps. Lots of work and good songs. What else can you do! We want to
write good songs and play good gigs. We have good team working around us,
and they really believe in what we are doing. They also say straight if we sucked on stage or some songs are shit. It’s really important to get criticism.

D.K.: I’m noticing that you guys have been doing a lot of photo shoots, are
you used to them by now? I know some people are a little shy in front of a camera.

Leo : We are pretty used to it. It’s all because we always have such great
photographers around us. It’s easy and fun if the photographer has a
vision. It’s easy to work if you trust the ones you’re working with.

Perttu : It´s important to take a lot of pictures of the band, in various
locations, for different purposes. Some don´t like to perform on stage
either, we love it! All of us have been playing in bands most of our lives
and taking photos is natural part of the job.

D.K.: The band has a new drummer (Perttu Kurttila), what is the band dynamic
like with him behind the kit? Has it changed the songwriting process at all?

Leo : Perttu is the right guy for the band. Perttu came one week before the
studio, so he had to learn 9 songs in one week and he did really well. The
songs were written before that, but Perttu gave a lot of good ideas and
gave something really fresh for the album! He gives additional energy for the band!

D.K.: Would you say that social media has been of great assistance to you in
terms of promoting Face of God?

Perttu : Social media is an important tool for promoting your band since
there are millions and millions of users out there. I guess any kind of
publicity is important regardless what media it is.

Leo : Yes it has! We love to talk to our fans and listeners, that’s really
important for us!

D.K.: You have some very passionate fans that assemble street teams to promote
your music. If someone wanted to get involved with these street teams, what should they do?

Leo: Yeah ! That’s so cool! We are really happy that some people really
love what we do. it’s an honor! If you like to work with our street teams
you can contact  or just write to Facebook’s ” Face Of God
Street Team ” page and you should find different countries street team pages.

D.K.: Anything else you would like to say before we close?

Thank you!

Once again bros, it was awesome. I think this music of yours is pretty damn amazing, and you’ll rock the world with it.-Derek


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