Interview with electronic/rock artists KLOQ

(hey, I posted these dudes sometime ago on Mixolydian. Here is an interview I did with them. Cheers-Derek)


Derek Kortepeter: How did the band start?

Oz:The band started as a studio project by myself, it was more of an electronic/dance project but over the years I started writing tracks that were more geared towards vocals and my intention was to always turn KLOQ into a live band.

D.K.: The music of Kloq is a healthy dose of electronic and rock influences. Could you describe how the sound of the band developed?

Tim: As with most bands, the main musicians normally make up the sounds of what is being produced, once the final band members were in place the new KLOQ sound pretty much fitted together naturally. Each of us has a different musical background yet very similar tastes in music. That’s why we feel our sound  works so well.

D.K.: What do you consider to be the strongest drive behind your band’s music?What are you trying to say as artists?

Oz: Our strongest drive is simply….to get KLOQ heard! We hear such a variety of music these days yet we still have something new to give and there isn’t another Kloq out there! We’ve had some bad times in life… like everybody I guess? Each song reflects that. Hopefully people can connect in the same way we do with them…..we all have to fight life sometimes…right ?

D.K.: Your new album is being released soon, could you describe the process of writing it and what it contains thematically?

Dean: The words and Theme are pretty much down to what we’re feeling at the time. The music is normally written before we start work on the lyrics.. which sometimes makes it easier. We’ve had a lot emotional periods within the band since our first record and although it was painful at the time, it does help to pen a better song…..every time we write, it has to be better than the last!

D.K.: When you make the decision to commit to working on a new track, is there a formulaic process or does it flow out of you in a flurry of words and notes?

Oz: Notes, riffs, arrangements and music are generally done first. Tim may have a bass line kicking around or I’ll have written some melodies or synth parts already. Then we sit and work out what can be done with it. From a lyrical point of view, the way we feel at that moment then dictates how the project progresses. To some bands it might seem odd to work this way but we are a band based on production and musicianship and we like to have a solid foundation of music before working on a theme.

D.K.: How has the experience of opening for like Alt-J and Bloc Party affected you as artists?

Dean: We tend to not think about it because we’re generally focused on our own performance. We enjoy the opportunities to play along side bigger names but we don’t take our eye off the ball. I guess you get to see what’s out there, what’s selling. We influence ourselves rather than get influenced by others..

D.K.: What do you wish to give your audience in terms of a live concert? When they walk out of a show what do you hope that they are feeling?

Tim: we want the audience to really get the music and what KLOQ is about, singing our songs, feeling the power of the performance and feeling ‘wow’….how the hell did they do that ?? We want to innovate when playing live. Hopefully, our audience has heard our music and now wants to “Flesh it out” you know… Give the whole thing some substance. It’s our chance to be three or four dimensional.. BOOM!

D.K.: Does being English give a unique musical perspective that only can be found in your homeland?

Dean: Of course it’s always cool to be English, we’re proud of that but we’ve toured extensively in Europe and to some extent we have taken on influences from other global acts. I don’t think that being English is a meal ticket to the rest of the world but it does make you more accessible to parts of the industry.

D.K.: Besides the new album, are there any creative endeavors you are pursuing musically?

Oz: I’ve remixed a couple of bands recently and Tim’s done a few bass studio sessions. He endorses a lot of gear so he’s always flitting around, going to music shows around Europe. Singer Dean is working with a rapper on some new material as well. Alex techs for a lot of bands like Skindred and Ugly Kid Joe when he’s not laying down our drum beats.

D.K: What advice do you have to other bands trying to make music that resonates with people?

Tim: (laughs) Do something different, do something original, do something that matters……or do nothing at all.

D.K.: Anything else you want to say before we close?

Kloq: We just wanna be heard, get our point across to people and make music.


Kloq can be found at


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