And now presenting the first ever radio play for my song “Omega” (which is also my first ever play on the radio period!!!)

Alright, I’m a bit tired because I stayed up until 6 am (2 pm Manchester time) to hear my song “Omega” played on the radio. Caleidra is someone you may remember from my interview with her, and she also has a radio show on North Manchester FM. I’ve stayed in touch with her (she’s a great girl, and you should go buy her music…just saying). Recently I asked if she would play a track off my new EP, and she agreed (cue fireworks and symphonic orchestra). This occurred live, and now through the link below you get to relive the moment that I first made it on the radio. Thank you all for being so supportive of this work of mine, it looks like it is paying off. And to the beautiful Caleidra, thanks for helping this dude get his music to the world when he was starting to believe maybe he was too obscure to appeal to a large audience. The first time on radio is without a doubt a life milestone for a musician, and you made it happen (and helped me believe again I could really do this music thing). I’ll never, ever forget this, so thank you.


(Caleidra introduces the song at 44:14, then it plays. She then gives her reaction to the song after. I actually tweet her during this time and at 52:31 she gives some funny commentary to the fact that I actually stayed up until daybreak to hear the track played).

UPDATE (3/6/2014): I am disheartened to say that the link is now a deadlink. I am working on finding the audio from the day this happened and putting it up on Youtube. Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “And now presenting the first ever radio play for my song “Omega” (which is also my first ever play on the radio period!!!)

  1. And to immediately follow a U2 Oscar nominated song… impressive slot! Liked your work. Liked her show. Your piece reminded me a bit of Pat Metheny. In any case, congrats, Derek. It’s always good to have people acknowledge our efforts and contributions. Onward!

  2. Wow, U2 opened for you on this show!

    I’m enjoying the music. I’m not sure who it reminds me of (which is a good thing) but I could picture it on a latter day Floyd album.

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