CHUNKASAURUS upcoming debut EP “vs. The Falcannon” review



As you well know, new music is something I’m always looking for. One of the coolest parts of being founder and sole writer of MixolydianBlog is simply that great music finds its way into my email. Go back a few days ago and I see this message from a Vancouver Island, BC band named CHUNKASAURUS. I mean, right there I have to keep reading because the name is something you don’t forget right? The message proceeds to let me know that this group of guys is releasing their debut EP “vs. The Falcannon” in February; but here’s where it gets interesting.

                The band describes themselves and their music as “A face shredding EP inspired by punk tempos, stoner metal riffage, and hard rock hooks. In homage to recordings that actually sound like the live bands this EP features: no bullshit Pro Tools fakery or hair-gelled-asshole’s rubbing their auto-tuned sound all over the band. This is real. This is CHUNKASAURUS.”

Boom, you’ve got my attention. I’m laughing at phrases like “asshole’s rubbing their auto-tuned sound all over the band,” yet at the same time thinking about how that melding of sounds intrigues me (you all know how much I love punk, hard rock and spaced-out music). I give the EP a listen through, and you know what?

It. Kicks. Ass.


Consisting of Andrew Locke (Bass), Derek Mattin (Guitar/Vocals), and Jon Holden (Drums), the band plays so well together and manages to make music that grabs you and screams at you, but you still want more. The crunch of the drop-tuned guitars, the driving vocals, the fiery bass lines and blasting drums give you an indication that you are going to crank up your f*cking stereo (and bloody hell did I). “vs. The Falcannon” delivers rock that pulses and pushes you forward, like a good hard rock album should. Be on the lookout for CHUNKASAURUS, they don’t suck, they actually rock!

Check CHUNKASAURUS out at and buy the frickin’ EP when it drops next month!


6 thoughts on “CHUNKASAURUS upcoming debut EP “vs. The Falcannon” review

  1. Hey Derek, Great review on my buddies in CHUNKASAURUS; I can’t wait for their EP to drop. I am a local fan of the band, and have known both Derek and Andrew since I was 15 (I went to high school with Andrew, and Derek is overall just a local rock god). I love their music and have seen the band twice in concert (Can’t wait to see them again. Of all the bands I’ve seen live, Big name or Local, they are in my top 3….they rock that much).

    Keep it up guys! You guys rock!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am always the guy to come to for promoting new music, as long as it is good. I was stoked to listen through the EP (I know you’ll love it), and it is good to hear they have a strong presence in their local area. I actually have family in BC, I’ll ask if they have heard of CHUNKASAURUS. I hope in any case they have tons of success and tons of live shows. Cheers.

  2. There is also another local band called “Trace the Sky” who also recently released their EP “Messages” that I feel you should check out; I saw them when they played with CHUNKASAURUS, they’re not as heavy as CHUNKASAURUS but I like their music just the same.

    Here’s a link to their Facebook page:

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