Heaven’s Basement “Filthy Empire” Album Review



                So one of my favorite parts about being the dude who runs MixolydianBlog is my access to some really amazing music from all different parts of the globe. If you remember, I shared the single “Fire, Fire” by UK rock band Heaven’s Basement recently. Since doing that, I have been able to get my hands on the album it comes from (many thanks to Heaven’s Basement’s North American publicist Carise at Hired Gun Media!!!).

                Filthy Empire (the band’s debut album) is about as strong of an introduction to the world as you can have. From the opening track “Welcome Home” to the finale “Executioner’s Day,” the album kicks you in the teeth and screams in your face “you better fucking listen.” The amount of work that the band (Aaron Buchanan – Vocals, Sid Glover – Guitar, Rob Ellershaw – Bass, Chris Rivers – Drums) put into creating their sound is obvious. Each instrument and vocal line is tightly stitched into a fabric that truly gives you a great hard rock experience.


                Filthy Empire album balances itself between the heavy and the soaring. What I mean by this is that some bands have a problem understanding the concept of the push and pull in music. You don’t want to keep on one mood or theme forever, as the audience gets bored. This album doesn’t fall into that trap, as there are enough heavy/melodic/aggressive elements to keep you engaged throughout the record (props also go to the producer and other personnel for this achievement).

                It is clear when listening to the guys in Heaven Basement that they have lived and breathed their music. Making music like what is present on Filthy Empire takes hours upon hours of work, and even then, there is no guarantee of a great product. You have to have something inherent that allows this kind of creative force to come from you. It’s got to come from your soul, from the deepest core of who you are. The band clearly lives rock as a lifestyle, and it shows in their music, as it shows among anything else perseverance. Guitarist Sid Glover said about the band “We live in each other’s pockets, we see each other more than we see anyone else in our lives.” “When you haven’t slept or eaten, and you’ve been hungover for a few weeks on end, and then the van breaks down in Iceland, how are you gonna react to that?  Are you gonna lose it?”


                They clearly didn’t lose it, in fact Heaven’s Basement has clearly been to the edge and back and come back with music to show the world. If you don’t buy Filthy Empire, you are missing out on a band that Bon Jovi and others have considered to be the future (they have played alongside them, as well as Papa Roach, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Black Stone Cherry and many more).  The album is basically Heaven’s Basement’s statement to the world that they are here to stay. Let’s hope for more albums like this, because I have a feeling these guys are going places.

Heaven’s Basement can be found at:





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