EP Review: Soothsayer’s “Shortsighted, But Far Out…”


I was recently contacted by a producer and electronic artist named Soothsayer who is based out of Manchester, UK. Upon hearing his EP Shortsighted, But Far Out… I knew I had to give it a review. Soothsayer describes the record as “glitch hop, but there are elements of psychedelia, IDM, hip-hop, trance, and lots of experimental stuff thrown in.

The record is indeed a mix of those styles, but they blend together so well. Each song walks the line between the experimental and the mainstream, much like Massive Attack and Aphex Twin’s music do. One minute you are in an ambient fantasy, next minute you are flung back into a electronic/rap dystopia. Each song can exist on its own, but makes sense within the record’s overall story. The story isn’t obvious, you really can interpret it in many ways. The way I see it is that it shows what technology and the mind can do, the natural and the unnatural. There are hidden pathways that each song allows you to take, and these pathways shift each time you listen. Sometimes you seem to be hearing a social commentary, sometimes you hear a reason to dance, and sometimes you hear a reason to panic. In the end track “Tumult” there is a jazz/downtempo groove, then the record ends with a discordant rebellion of sounds like in the Beatles’ “A Day In The Life.”

All of these things are great.

Ultimately in the vast world of electronic music, a world that I personally belong to, Shortsighted, But Far Out… absolutely belongs. It will make you think, make you react, and make you groove. I say you go ahead and give it a listen.

The EP can be found at the following link:


Soothsayer can be found at:




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