EP Review: Eurotix “Kiss Them For Me”

I was recently approached by a synthpop duo from Sweden named Eurotix, namely to see if I would be interested in reviewing their new EP Kiss Them For Me. Eurotix describes themselves as “ready to put the “pop” back in synthpop. Members Dennis Alexis Hellström (vocals) and Larry Forsberg (keys and knobs) both share a passion for 80’s music, so their songs are heavily influenced by the synthpop/italo/eurodisco sound of that era. But with a modern twist.

I love the synthpop groups of the 80’s (Duran Duran etc.), so I naturally was interested in reviewing the EP. Each of the songs (in total four) add to the genre dynamic with their own flair that breaks with the traditional pop mold. For instance, the title track is a fictional letter from Princess Diana to the Royals which, especially when you hear the lyrics, takes on a very somber tone. Other tracks like “Computer Dating” explore making music around technology (literally) as it is a song built around a conversation with a personal computer. “I Don’t Hate You Anymore” is a track that captures the bitter taste and fractured psyche breakups often leave us with. The final track “Un Chanson Pour L’Eurovision” is a reflective look at the world and how we function within it.

Throughout Kiss Them For Me Alexis Hellström’s lyrics are thoughtful and his vocal melodies heavily focus on creating memorable hooks. Larry Forsberg’s synth melodies and harmonies are truly something special. I cannot tell you how often I get frustrated by synth groups that try to draw on 80’s music and fail to find that true essence…Forsberg’s synth work on the other hand gets everything right. Together Eurotix is a band that is a welcome addition to my musical library. The EP as a whole is a great reminder that musicians today do remember the past, and can bring it back to life in a fresh way. I encourage you to give Kiss Them For Me a try.

Standout tracks: “Kiss Them For Me,” “I Don’t Hate You Anymore”

Eurotix can be found at:




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