Review: Artifuel “Lost in the Moment”

artifuel - Lost in the moment album

Chill. Minimal. Introspective.

These are all the words that come to mind as I listened to this record. I always look for music artists who take their own expression and make you grow as a listener. As I made my way through Artifuel’s Lost in the Moment I found a world that was like watching a painting unfold with long strokes of a small brush. Rather than flood your senses with a barrage of different musical colors, Lost in the Moment challenges you to see the little things that make music what it is.

You see each song being built from styles like glitch, trip-hop, downtempo and others. Ultimately the beats and the ambient tones coalesce to create a product that lets you think while listening. Some music forces you to give it your undivided attention, with Lost in the Moment you find yourself bouncing inner thoughts off of the music.

The songs are more like markers on a map, you are being told where you have been and what is coming next. I could easily see myself driving in the pouring Los Angeles rain with this album coming out of my speakers. If you like Aphex Twin and Autechre, I think Artifuel’s music should be on your listening list.

Download Lost in the Moment here


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