Interview With Up-and-Coming UK Singer Zoey Brook-Jackson


(Hey guys! Here is an interview with an awesome singer who is making waves in the UK music scene. Enjoy!)

Derek: So tell me how you got into music?

Zoey: Music always played a massive part in my life from a very young age. My
dad was forever blasting out Whitney and Mariah. As I got older I found
that singing was my get away, I begun working with friends and recording
music we had written together on webcam microphones in my first years of
high school and continued from there.

Derek: Your new single “Siren” is brilliant, can you tell me what went into
creating it?

Zoey: Siren was written with an amazingly talented writer I’m working with
called Claudia Kennaugh based in London and produced by Savvy. Savvy
brought the track to me as we had been performing together in the band
(The Savoir-Faire.) He said he wanted me to have a go at it as he liked
my vocal range. I demo it and he loved it so we hit the studio to record
the full studio version.

Derek: I’m always curious to know how artists see their own work, so how would
you describe your music?

Zoey: I’d say definitely emotional, with a vein of hard truths & blunt honesty
running through it I guess…. hmm this is hard as I always ask other
people what they think to be honest. But definitely honesty even when
the song is a bit, you know out there & fantasy based I’ll still thread
a bit of truth & vulnerability through the song.

Derek: Musically and lyrically where do you draw your inspiration from?

Zoey: My inspiration comes from day to day life, the emotions I feel and the
experiences I encounter. I believe the best lyrics come from the more
challenging days, the days that really make you feel raw emotion.
Putting these emotions onto paper which are then constructed into songs
that can really relate to others is what does it for me.


Derek: You have been touring the UK and supporting producer/rapper SAVVY and
his group Savoir~Faire at live gigs, what has that whole experience been like?

Zoey: Touring with Savvy and the band is quite a new experience for me. I’d
always been very shy and  lacked confidence when it came to performing
live and would avoid the stage like the plague. I really had to face my
biggest fear head on but that first gig, the first time I got up on that
stage with such amazing people and musicians, it felt electric. The
whole experience of being surrounded by such a solid team really felt
uplifting. A massive confidence boost.

It’s been pretty damn good….very exciting and a huge learning curve for
me. There’s so much more to do than just walking on a stage somewhere and
singing from rehearsals, learning your lyrics as well as Savvy’s
learning how the live version of a track switches and changes up, How to
improvise as a live performer even how to let the public know where
you’ll be performing, you have to be so persistent. Social media sites
seems to play a big part in building up an audience over in the UK.

Derek: I’m from Los Angeles where every new artist is trying to make it big
musically and it is difficult. How about in the UK, is there a good
reception to new artists like yourself?

Zoey: Yeah the UK is the same but I bet nowhere near as crazy as LA. Its good
to always get the audience involved, Were in a good time in the UK at
the moment people are getting a bit bored again with the same old sound
and artists from a range of different genres are making moves, quite a
few with little to no backing as well. We’ve have some really good
feedback from DJ’s and listeners and the song has had its first BBC play
a week or so ago, that was very exciting and surreal at the same time.
We’re still counting down for the release of SIREN, it’s due to be
released on 27th September! As a new artist I have no idea how the
single will be received its quite a different track in ways a bit of a
mash-up of genres but I have to say so far so good

Derek: What can we expect next from you?

Zoey: Already hitting the studio finishing some more songs with Savvy, I can’t
tell you much about them at the moment but I’m thinking they will
probably be part of a collection of songs like an EP or something…I’ve
got one I’ve done called cabaret which I’m really happy with, really
looking forward to making the video for it too, some amazing ideas have
been flying around.


Derek: Is there anything you would like to add before we close the interview?

Zoey: Thanks for taking your time out to talk to me. Salute to Saving Grace
Music!! as the first lady I shall rep you well lol…..Erm a big thank you
to anyone that’s supported me in my career so far, fingers crossed I’ll
do you proud. Come check me out on Twitter ( & keep up to date with my movements, I should be coming to a town near you soon…


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