Writhmic-“The Hopeless Flowmantic” Mixtape Review


My buddy Matt Olmedo (aka Writhmic) and I have been friends since middle school. As we grew up together I began to notice he had a burgeoning talent as a rapper; something I most strikingly noticed when he did a spoken word performance in front of the school in our senior year of high school.

Fast forward to 2015 and he drops this mixtape. I told him I was going to review it (so…let me do that right now). The Hopeless Flowmantic is an exercise in jazz and hip-hop mixing together in a brilliant way. Writhmic has a very relaxed flow, and this allows each track to capture your attention without hitting you over the head. He describes his sound as underground hip-hop, and that makes a lot of sense. Writhmic’s sound isn’t the sound you’d hear on the radio today, but in the clubs where people that respect the old school still exist.

Trust me, that’s a good thing.

The way Writhmic approaches each song is like the MCs of the late 80s and early 90s, just existing as a rapper without blaring it on the speakers. Writhmic invites you to experience his world, with humor and with a story to tell, as only he can. I see great things for this guy, so I think you should give this mixtape a listen.


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