Review: Bosko Martinovic “Time”


I have always been a huge advocate of music that blends numerous styles. I find musical purism to be lacking and dishonest, so when an artist comes along that shows syncretism I am quite pleased. The Serbian guitarist Bosko Martinovic’s LP Time is an exercise in moving in and out of various musical worlds.

There is funk, jazz, rock, and western classical all found within this record, and each track on the record reflects these influences. One minute you will find yourself getting a dose of fusion jazz rhythms and chord progressions, then before you know it you get blasted with metal shredding. It works so well as your brain is never allowed to get bored because the music is loaded with complexity.


The band moves the music along as one cohesive unit as Bosko’s guitar melodies dance over the backing musicians. Time is a record that really feels like it was meant for musicians, namely the ones playing on the album. I say this to evoke the analogy of bebop musicians who weren’t concerned with making music danceable, but making music that they enjoy. There aren’t any cliches here, Bosko’s music has a mind of its own. Even when you hear the echoes of people like Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson, that is all they are…echoes. Bosko has a command of the guitar that even I as a guitarist envy.

If you want something different that challenges you as a listener, give Time a chance.

Time can be found at:


2 thoughts on “Review: Bosko Martinovic “Time”

  1. Cool review, I like artists that push the envelope too. But your statement of “I find musical purism to be lacking and dishonest” made me pause. I don’t know that it always has to be a mash-up. Sometimes getting things from the source can also be refreshing. Looking back at history I’d say, for example, there’s nothing lacking or dishonest in the music styles of the old bluesmen. And so on.

    1. I think, to elaborate, that people who are “snobs” is more what that was directed at. I have no problems with “pure” music, the thing is no music is truly pure (everything is a derivative of something else…blues=jazz=rock=metal etc.). I have had a lot of run-ins with people who bash many bands or artists because they break the mold and use ideas not found within the genre. I guess that is where I am coming from. We really cannot say anything is pure, and people who argue for a pure form of music (by ostracizing progressive artists) are committing a logical fallacy.

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