Review: Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher “Eitt”


The core of ambient music is the idea that the textures and emotive qualities are more important than groove. You are trying to create a world that the listener can interact with and essentially escape to. The record Eitt is an album that does just that. It was created by Icelandic musicians Jón Ólafsson & Futuregrapher who describe the album as fusing “the beautiful piano melodies of Jón Ólafsson and the atmospheric ambient of Futuregrapher to create a lovely, evocative album.”


There is a sense of journey through a place where time is not of much importance in this record. You are allowed to float with the atmospheric tones and flowing piano melodies/harmonies without worrying about your attachment to this world. I find that ambient music, and I speak as an ambient composer, when done right should accomplish exactly what Eitt does.

Whereas some ambient music like Brian Eno’s Ambient 1: Music For Airports can be used as background music, Eitt is ambient music best experienced in a quiet space with a view of the outside world. This allows you to drift and dream while melding the music’s realm with your own.

Jo¦ün O¦ülafsson & Futuregrapher

I love this record, and I highly encourage you to get a copy for yourself if you want to go someplace else for a while.

Eitt can be found at


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