Album Review: Eli “Dream Dimensions”


I always am on the lookout for music that is different. Especially with the current climate of the music industry, it is really hard for “different” artists to be found anywhere except in the fringes. With this website, I try to bring people you should hear out in the open because they need a space to be featured outside the mainstream media.

The artist in this case is Eli, an electronic artist from Madison, Wisconsin. His new album Dream Dimensions is an expression of creating new from scratch and also existing materials. The sound of Eli is a blend of original sounds/instrumental lines (such as cello) with sampling of other artists (whom he gives credit to when necessary). The thing is, with pre-existing sounds, he isn’t sampling as much as he is creating from a foundation. The samples are made anew and you can’t really call them a remix as the sounds are unique unto Eli’s own artistic palate.

Dream Dimensions is an exploration in looping, downtempo, glitch, and avant-garde sounds combining to make a product that exercises your mind. You are always thinking as you hear the music and the more you think the more you enjoy it. There are so many subtleties (rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically) that you always discover something new with each listen.

In case you can’t tell, I really like this record. Eli has written and produced an album that is a fantastic listen. I think if you like Thievery Corporation, Massive Attack, or Tangerine Dream you will find Dream Dimensions worth your time.

Dream Dimensions can be downloaded at


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