Album Review: wombat_army “spindrift”


I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with some really amazing electronic artists since starting MixolydianBlog. One such artist is wombat_army (who I have reviewed and interviewed before).

wombat_army’s newest release spindrift further expands on the musical worlds found in his previous album firsteight. Demonstrating the composer’s mastery of creating looping soundscapes, spindrift is an album that adds a certain new range of emotions to his music. You hear euphoria and outright joy in the music, whereas the previous record had a more mysterious and contemplative tone. There is plenty of time for contemplation, however, so fans of wombat_army’s previous work shouldn’t worry.

The music found on spindrift moves away from pure atmospheric sounds and towards driving rhythms that lock into your thoughts. There are standout melodies and harmonies along with these rhythms, making the songs memorable.The cello and synth parts are absolutely a staple of wombat_army’s music and once again they push his music into the stratosphere.

spindrift is a fantastic addition to wombat_army’s ever-expanding discography and is something you should consider adding to your library. It really is amazing how complex music can be when it relies on looping patterns. You find the complexity in the repetition and in the spaces that the music leaves for you to believe what you want about the sounds you are hearing.

spindrift can be found at


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