Interview with Duke Sims of Shinobi Ninja


(hey guys here is an interview with Duke Sims, one part of an awesome Brooklyn, NY band named Shinobi Ninja. We got in touch on Twitter and here we are! Enjoy the interview and the music).

Derek Kortepeter: So tell me how the band started?

Duke Sims: We met at a recording/rehearsal studio in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan NY.

DK: Your band name is interesting. How did you come up with it? I was thinking it maybe came from the lostprophets’ track “Shinobi Dragon Ninja,” but I could be also way off base in that thought.

DS: Its named after the video game franchise Shinobi!!!

DK: What I love about your sound is the blend of so many different styles from funk to rap and metal. Who are your musical inspirations? How did the band develop its sound?

DS: We all like all types of music. And were open to anything. We’re very diverse and we never shied away from being ourselves and expressing ourselves in our music.

DK: I am a Los Angeles guy (born and raised) and have never visited your hometown of Brooklyn, NY. How does the city of New York impact you guys as musicians and as people in general?

DS: Brooklyn has a lot of people in it. And there from everywhere in the world. You learn things in the streets. You can apply those things anywhere. Anytime.


DK: So what can you tell me about the music you have been putting out lately? What themes do you cover and what went into writing and recording the tracks?

DS: We’ve been making some awesome music. We just finished a new album before our longtime studio closed. It has a positive light. You can achieve anything. Mind power. Soul Power. Life Power.

DK: When you play live what kind of experience do you want to give the audience?

DS: We go hardddddddddd. We want them to be in shock. Or come to the show and not be shocked at all. They already knew that we was going 0-100.

DK:Being a band that blends so many different musical styles, do you find yourself often acting as a crossover act? What I mean is do you often share the stage with rock bands one night and rappers the other? Or do you find other acts that play an all-encompassing music like yours?

DS: Honestly we’ve played with every type of act/band there is. There are bands that combine genres and styles but there’s no duplicating our band. Its a unique organic thing. The stars lined up. It shines bright.

DK: What can we expect from Shinobi Ninja in the future? Any new projects or gigs on the horizon?

DS: New album. New videos. New Heavy Metal Breakfast. Maybe a cooking show. Chef Shinobi. Or Shinobi Chef. Always got big things on the way!!!

DK: Is there anything else you would like to say before we finish the interview?

DS: Much Love to the Rock Ninja Nation. Big Ups to you!!! Can’t wait to come rock in LA soon!!! Very Soon!!!!

Shinobi Ninja can be found at:


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