Review: MOUNT FUJI EP “Leaving Horizon”


In the many years I’ve been running this site I’ve had the pleasure of hearing awesome rock music from the continent of Europe. MOUNT FUJI is another band I get to add to this list. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, the band is a hybrid of metal and hard rock sounds that range from sludge to grunge.

The riffs on Leaving Horizon are heavy and also logical in their placement. Sometimes the guitars in this genre can get boring, but MOUNT FUJI keeps their de-tuned sound constantly shifting throughout the album. The vocals on the EP keep a good balance between shouting, screaming, and melodic choruses. Finally the rhythm section has a tight groove and is not there to simply keep time.

Overall the album is heavy; with headbanging and fist-pumping encouraged. European metal bands really understand the essence of the genre (which I love). There’s this authenticity that is undeniable, and Leaving Horizon demonstrates this.

If you are looking for a heavy album to wake you up I recommend you give this one a try.

MOUNT FUJI can be found at:



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