Album Review: Multiface “Gangsterism”


Ambient music comes in many forms. Some ambient composers draw on melody with various effects to push the songs. Other artists use atmospheric sounds to form their music where it is much more about immersion in the entire songs. Swedish ambient artist Multiface falls more into the latter category.

In his newest release Gangsterism, the artist melds various textures of rhythm, synths, vocals, and various effects to create a dark and ethereal experience. The record takes you into an ambient fever dream where you feel like you are in either outer space or the apocalypse. It’s really hard to explain without listening for yourself what I am getting at; but once you hear Gangsterism it invades your senses.


The album is described by Multiface’s PR team as “sound and noises combined makes this album tense.” Tense doesn’t even cover it. The album is haunting and wonderful. You feel almost like you’re drowning in the looping and distorted sounds but you don’t want to come up to the surface.

As an ambient composer myself I know how hard it is to stand out in this genre. I truly believe Multiface does that. Do me a favor and give this record a chance.

Gangsterism by Multiface can be found at:




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