Album Review: Ego Death “The Clean Slate”


Occasionally you come across truly great artists. The artist I speak of makes you feel almost inferior in the way you create. I’ve recently had this experience as an electronic composer in listening to Ego Death’s (aka Bryn Braughton) new record The Clean Slate. Ego Death’s music spans IDM, ambient, experimental, and electronica; each of which coalesce into a truly incredible experience.

The Clean Slate is an album of intense complexity and malleability. The synths create incredible soundscapes, the percussion gives each song an infectious groove, pianos provide powerful accompaniment and the various stringed instruments round out the experience. There are various sound effects that accompany the tracks that add the extra edge to make them special.

Ego Death states that The Clean Slate “chronicles the slow trudge back to sanity.” The artist expressed his struggles with addiction and depression and seen through that lens this album makes even more sense. I have never struggled with addiction, but I am always under the weight of my mental illness and my music reflects that (so I get Ego Death’s inspiration). The “trudge back to sanity” is so clear in The Clean Slate as you can truly feel the push and pull that the healing process gives.

The Clean Slate is a beautiful and complex record. At times the melodies (especially on tracks like “Chorals 2”) elicited such an extreme emotional response from me I teared up. This record is a deeply profound experience that you should not miss. Check it out and be transformed.

The Clean Slate can be streamed on Soundcloud at the link below:




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