Album Review-Mount Fuji and the Galaxy “Everything is Beautiful”


Music is able to bring out countless emotions from you. That is probably why, more than anything, we are all drawn to it. Music is also able to bring you out of yourself and into an entirely different world.

Mount Fuji and the Galaxy’s record Everything is Beautiful really is an embodiment of these concepts. The Salisbury, Maryland act band describes themselves as “acid-folk, dream-pop, and psychedelic-ambient.” The album itself is supposed to represent a situation in which “the narrator’s life passes before his eyes as he is abducted by aliens one night in a hotel in the middle of a road trip.”

The concept behind the record actually works. You feel the intense isolation and panicked thoughts coming through the entire record. The experimental sound is absolutely gorgeous and packed with various effects along with the vocals, guitars, keys, and percussion.

In so many ways this record reminds me of Neutral Milk Hotel or other folk-ish bands that aren’t afraid to step outside their genre. One critique some may level at the album is the slightly mumbling vocals, but as an avid listener of Radiohead this doesn’t bother me. I think of the vocals as another instrument in the mix as opposed to some music where the vox are in the forefront.

Everything is Beautiful gives you beauty you can relate to, but it also throws a ton of dissonance your way to stretch your perception of beauty. It’s a fascinating ride and I recommend you head to the Bandcamp link below and check this record out.

Everything is Beautiful by Mount Fuji and the Galaxy can be found at:



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