Album Review: The Pleasure Routine “Sugar Mountain”

The Pleasure Routine_Press Photo.jpg

The Oakland-based group The Pleasure Routine aren’t out to re-invent the wheel. As they state themselves, they are “a throwback to decades past, when bands meticulously crafted vintage tones and timbres, capturing their moody and dreamy sonic landscapes on analog tape.”

What shows in The Pleasure Routine’s music is a nod to past eras, but also an understanding of their own modern sound. Their debut LP Sugar Mountain is a wonderful blend of art rock, blues, and a California flair that shimmers on each track. This record is the kind of record that you play while driving down the PCH in an old Camaro with your best friends.

The topics range from coming-of-age to disillusionment, but throughout there is this undertone of optimism amongst the melancholy. The bright, clean sound of Sugar Mountain plays a major part in this. The band gels together in a way that you know they get each other as musicians.

When Sugar Mountain releases on 7/1/2016, I suggest you give it a try. It might bring out some nostalgia in you, especially if love bands like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges.

The Pleasure Routine can be found at:



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