EP Review-“Wetness Delivery” by Trash’N’Clean

Trash'N'Clean - Photoshoot

What is so great these days about punk rock is that it is a global phenomenon. Every part of the world is producing all different types of punk music and this is so encouraging. Enter Trash’N’Clean, a punk band that hails from Milan, Italy.

Comprised of Fabio – Vocals, Danny – Lead Guitar, Mark – Rhythm Guitar, Marchino – Bass & Backing Vocals, Mario (The Horseman) – Drums; this group is carrying the torch of making great punk for a new generation. Their newest EP, Wetness Delivery, is a catchy and strong showing from this band.

The guitar riffs are heavy and melodic, the drums are crisp and powerful, the bass lines are driving, and the vocals are harmonious and infectious. As a guy that grew up in Southern California, I hear a great deal of influence of SoCal punk like Yellowcard, NOFX, Pennywise, early Thrice, and Bad Religion in Trash’N’Clean’s sound. Hearing the Wetness Delivery EP gave me such a surge of nostalgia and joy. I was in love with this band’s music in a couple of minutes.


The only shame about this EP is that it is rather short (clocking in at only three songs), but at the same time maybe don’t mess with perfection? There is enough here to know what the band is about, and also to be left wanting more.

Give this band a chance if you love melodic punk, you won’t regret it.

Trash’N’Clean can be found at:






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