Album Review: Dan Tapper “Ven”

When you compose electronic music, bravery is a key component to standing out. You have to be willing to take risks that some may consider too experimental or “far-out.” If done right, you will be duly rewarded with a finished product that communicates your artistic vision. Ven by Dan Tapper in many ways does just […]

Astronauts of Antiquity-“Future Back”

  We live in completely insane times. It seems like hope is hard to find, and a good future is nothing but a pipe-dream. It doesn’t hurt to dream, however, and music is a great vehicle for such dreams. The infectious electropop sound of Astronauts of Antiquity, for instance, accomplishes this with ease. In their […]

Artist feature: STYNE Craig B. Epps Jr., stage name “STYNE”, is a rapper from East Saint Louis, Illinois. His music was recently sent to me and I really dug what he was saying. I’m linking his official website because I think you ought to hear this guy for yourself. If I can recommend one track specifically it’d […]