Album Review: “Monster Vision” by Round Eye


Anybody that stupidly declares “PUNK IS DEAD” is clearly ignorant of Round Eye. This rag-tag band of misfits who are currently ex-pats living in Shanghai make some of the most avant-garde, subversive, aggressive, and incendiary punk out there. Making history or making enemies (both of which they have done in spades), Round Eye is a fearless example of pure artistic expression.

Their newest release Monster Vision is a psychedelic freak-out punk fest that drips with political commentary and just an overall satire of just how insane our society is. Some of the last recordings of legendary Stooges saxophonist Steve Mackay can be found on this record. His sax is a massive force that drives the band’s unique punk sound into the stratosphere.

Whether the band is making the first ever punk music video in the DPRK or pissing all over the concept of Trump’s America, Round Eye’s Monster Vision is punkest shit I’ve heard in a while.

Get Monster Vision at


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