Album Review: “First the Town, Then the World” by Bare Teeth


I like my punk rock aggressive, fast, and melodic. A lot of this has to do with where I grew up. In Southern California, a lot of the punk bands played music much like what I described. There was aggression and speed, but there was also a strong focus on melody. Pennywise, Bad Religion, and The Descendants were great examples of this.


I mention all of this because France’s Bare Teeth reminds me of these groups with their newest release First the Town, Then the World. Throughout the record you have pounding drums and bass, strong melodic lines with multi-part harmonies, and fantastic guitar lines. The album from start to finish is heavy, with some screaming that reminds me of early Thrice back in their post-punk days (especially their record Identity Crisis).

For a band from France to bring me back to the golden era of SoCal punk, whether or not that was their intention, is truly something special. I loved every second of listening to First the Town, Then the World, and when it drops on May 19, I think you will too.


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