Album review: “321 Days” by a passage to the stars

Composer Ricardo Alves’ project a passage to the stars is a fantastic example of how melody is so diverse in ambient music. The sound effects and light percussive synth sounds only add to the complex yet approachable sound that Alves creates. 321 days is a continuation of what makes a passage to the stars great, […]

Album Review: “Samatta” by The Corrupting Sea

The Corrupting Sea creates a sound that is rooted in the free space that ambient music provides. Not bound by rigid time signatures, the music on Samatta allows for melodic and harmonic expressions that slowly draw you into a dream-like state. The contrast of the melodious textures with static droning and other sound effects allows […]

Album Review: “Æsthēsis” by tilde~

Ambient and glitch music comes in all forms. Most think of large sweeping arrangements that push you into a proverbial cosmos of sound. The other side to this is where Australia’s tilde (real name Rhys Channing) comes in. With his record Æsthēsis, the composer creates a smaller scale of sound that is almost like traveling […]

Album Review: “A New Approach” by Luis Gabriel Aguilera

Calm. Introspective. These are the words I would use to describe the music of electronic composer Luis Gabriel Aguilera’s newest album A New Approach. Intending to evoke “the audio expression of the composer (and really the individual) spiritually and emotionally” becoming awake; A New Approach is a minimalist and ambient journey that accomplishes its goal. Every […]

Album Review: “circling” by wombat_army

The music of London-based wombat_army (real name Martin Webb) has had a welcome presence at MixolydianBlog for quite some time. As far as electronic artists go, wombat_army is probably one of my favorites in the past decade. You can imagine my excitement when I was sent the link to his newest record circling. Present in […]

Album Review: “NHOVA” by NHOVA

The way the French electronic artist NHOVA describes their music gives great insight into your eventual listening experience. “Halfway between electro-mystical and delicate atmospheres” with trip-hop, industrial and ambient music shown as prominent influences gives a clear representation of their self-titled record. The synths are dark, brooding, and also soaring with melody. Each track is […]

Album Review: “Inner” by Nunun

As a musician I have always felt that the best music just happens. You train your mind to be one with your instrument and its capabilities, then throw it into improvisational situations. Music that is improvisation based takes many forms, and the record Inner by Nunun is one of them. Nunun is a project consisting […]