Compilation Review: Sunrise Square 01-09

“07” Ambition is sometimes what drives composers insane. Sometimes we get such grandiose ideas that, when we put it together, it turns out to be too great to materialize. Other times, however, these “big” ideas become a large, continuous conceptual work of art. It is the latter that Sunrise Square falls into. 01-09 are, as […]

Album review: 1(EP) by aoi

When an artist has a clear vision for their work, it is imperative that they follow through with it. aoi, a composer/musician/producer from Montreal, is an example of this actually happening. With his debut EP, entitled 1(EP), aoi (real name Keven Brien) has established that he wants the listener to experience: “A voyage through lands where […]

Astronauts of Antiquity-“Future Back”

  We live in completely insane times. It seems like hope is hard to find, and a good future is nothing but a pipe-dream. It doesn’t hurt to dream, however, and music is a great vehicle for such dreams. The infectious electropop sound of Astronauts of Antiquity, for instance, accomplishes this with ease. In their […]

Album Review: KLOQ-“Behind the Screams”

When you look at current music that fuses electronica and rock sounds, you typically get a bunch of indie hipster nonsense. The music doesn’t have any bite to it, and more importantly, it is derivative of everything in its genre. But wait, there’s actually good stuff out there. Enter KLOQ. These guys have gotten a […]

Album Review: Ego Death “The Clean Slate”

Occasionally you come across truly great artists. The artist I speak of makes you feel almost inferior in the way you create. I’ve recently had this experience as an electronic composer in listening to Ego Death’s (aka Bryn Braughton) new record The Clean Slate. Ego Death’s music spans IDM, ambient, experimental, and electronica; each of which coalesce into […]

Album Review: Multiface “Gangsterism”

Ambient music comes in many forms. Some ambient composers draw on melody with various effects to push the songs. Other artists use atmospheric sounds to form their music where it is much more about immersion in the entire songs. Swedish ambient artist Multiface falls more into the latter category. In his newest release Gangsterism, the […]