“Flowers” by Alois

The soft and upbeat sound of Alois is perfect for summer. Such is the case with their newest single Flowers, which is an indie track that is sure to put you in a calm and happy mood. The melodic hooks are fantastic and the instrumentals are such a great compliment to the soft vocal delivery. […]

Album Review: “Magnus” by Rio

Magnus is an interesting record. It’s interesting in that it feels very familiar, with nods to Radiohead and other alternative artists. There is just enough experimentation to give the more avant-garde listener like me something to be intrigued by, but there is also plenty of strong, flowing melodic and rhythmic content to stay mainstream for […]

Album Review: “self-titled” by Seldom Family

The Philly-based indie group Seldom Family is comprised of Patrick Norris (vocals, guitar) and Chris Caulder (drums, bass, lap steel, guitar). The best way I can described self-titled is that it is a beautiful, grooving, ambient, soaring work of art. The bare-bones nature of the instrumentation with the heavy reverb washing over you gives a very current […]